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Life Insurance

Human’s kark it, we just don’t know when. Leaving your family with debt or a mortgage is pretty stink. Setting them up for a win with a lump sum cash payment when they are facing the worst time of their life is cool. Show them the money!

Health Insurance

Hand’s down, the biggest regret for people over time is not getting health insurance sooner. The longer we leave it the more exclusions we get, meaning less opportunities for cover. Health insurance means we avoid the public health system which sucks right now. Skip the queue, get a better quality of life now. 

Income Protection

When we can’t work due to being crook, it means we can’t earn money. Money = not defaulting on our rent or mortgage. It also means we can't feed ourselves or pay for life…pretty self-explanatory. We can protect our income by insuring it where it will pay a portion of it each month.

Mortgage Protection

Can’t work due to a minor or major illness or event? Have up to 110% of your monthly mortgage paid, simple as that.

Trauma Insurance

Human’s get sick or have traumatic events throughout our lifetime. Some of us will recover, some of us won’t. Trauma pays a doozie of a cash tax free payment upon diagnosis. This is a massive instant stress relief. The likelihood of getting cancer is 1 in 3, the likelihood of winning lotto is 1 in 383,838. Spend your money on having trauma, not a lotto ticket.

Employee Insurance

This is where it all changes. In a lot of cases, people can’t get insurance at all - or pay up to their eyeballs due to being a smoker, having a higher BMI or multiple health conditions.

What does providing health, or any of the other insurances to staff as a work benefit mean?

• No applications.
• No stand-down periods.
• All pre-existing conditions covered.

You can structure it however you like, based on tenure or management position. You can build it bespoke, giving them life cover, income, trauma and health, make it as basic or comprehensive as you like to fit your budget.

For health insurance, pre-existing conditions covered for staff spouses and children under 21 years.

In a nutshell – if your staff or their families are unwell or need treatment right now, we can get them in to the private health system today.

Business Owner Insurance

Ok – people get confused by this all the time, this isn’t public liability or indemnity cover – this is waaaaaaay more important. If you are a key person in your business, that you built from the ground up, either alone or in partnership with others – what would happen to the company if you died later today or got sick and couldn’t play your part?