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Our Process


Firstly, we want to know about the desired long-term outcome and goals you have.

What stamp do you want to leave behind?

Just by talking things through we can gain an understanding of what expectations you have and we can create something perfect and suitable for you.

We will build a policy around what you want to achieve together. 


Remember all staff have automatic acceptance and cover for their pre-existing conditions, this is your opportunity to get your team well and treated faster. 

We can create bespoke plans around tenure or position, making them more or less comprehensive to reward and incentivise those most important to you. 

Would you like to pay for cover for their direct families too?

There are many amazing options to go over, we will come up with a plan that will work best for your organisation while meeting your budget requirements. 

Contact Us

Step 1: It all starts with the conversation so let us chat, via phone, email, txt, video call or face to face - whatever is easiest.

Goal Setting

Step 2: Knowing where you want to be, I can not only show you how to get there, with the tools and solutions I provide I can assist you in doing so.


Step 3: Apply for the proposed insurer and complete an application either by phone, video chat or face to face, that is up to you!


Step 4: Congratulations you have insurance for you or your employees - your better future is shaped! But that’s not the end of our relationship, I am actively interested in you meeting your goals and being your best.

Uh Oh!!!

Step 5: Uh Oh, you are sick or an employee is sick, a child is sick, or someone has died – contact me ASAP and I will be the number one support and guide you through executing the plan. Let’s get it done and dominate it.

Book now for a quick chat!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best Insurance options for you or your organisation, book a time to meet us. We'd love to have a chat!