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Trauma Insurance

Human’s get sick and have traumatic events during our lifetime. Many of which we recover from, some we don’t. Trauma provides a doozie of a big cash tax free payment, an instant cash injection for immediate financial relief . The likelihood of getting cancer is 1 in 3, the likelihood of winning lotto is 1 in 383,838. Spend your money on trauma, not a lotto ticket.

What You Should Know About Trauma Insurance

This is your financial version of the get out of jail free card when someone goes down with a doozie of an illness, we are talking Cancer (which is now 1 in 3 Kiwis), Heart Attacks and Strokes.

40-50% of us will suffer a trauma related event before we turn 65 years, so the question is, why wouldn’t you have trauma insurance?

It will cover up to 50 illnesses and events, including meningitis, blindness, deafness, the list goes on and on (only with the insurance providers I use because they are the best of the best).

This one packs a punch and pays out a lump sum cash payment of your desire to you if you go down with any of the events covered.

The good news is, for some it has been like winning lotto but also having a serious illness at the same time which is often very conflicting and confusing, most of the insurers will add an extra bonus cash payment to encourage you to see a financial adviser/planner to help guide of where to stash the cash so it can last the distance (more importantly so you don’t blow out and buy a new car or buy heaps of sneakers or something).

Don’t forget to cover your kids too, most people forget about their children – however if a child falls sick with a serious illness and needs treatment in hospital, in most cases both parents want and need to be off work to be with their child.

All of the insurers I work with now provide $50,000 FREE trauma to each child if one of their parents have a trauma policy – it is an absolute NO BRAINER.

Our Independent Broker Service for Trauma Insurance

Your needs come first, I will assess what it is you want and require and we will work together to achieve that through selecting the appropriate insurance provider and desired amount to shape better futures.

How the claim process works for Trauma Insurance

I will manage the claim personally for you from start to finish and give you guidance of how we can make the process streamline, successful and stress free.

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