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Nothing's more important than your life, insure it.

Vahry are fast becoming one of the most influential life and health brokers in New Zealand.  Whilst others bring clout through size, we have built an impactful network with insurers, at the highest levels - we impact through credibility, innovation and influence.

Come work with one of New Zealand's Top Female Insurance Leaders for 2023 - IBNZ

Which insurance are you after?

Employee Insurance

Give your team the most wanted work perk in New Zealand.

Personal Insurance

Health and financial protection for you and your family.

Our Process

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Step 1: It all starts with the conversation so let us chat, via phone, email, txt, video call or face to face - whatever is easiest.

Goal Setting

Step 2: Knowing where you want to be, I can not only show you how to get there, with the tools and solutions I provide I can assist you in doing so.


Step 3: Apply for the proposed insurer and complete an application either by phone, video chat or face to face, that is up to you!


Step 4: Congratulations you have insurance for you or your employees - your better future is shaped! But that’s not the end of our relationship, I am actively interested in you meeting your goals and being your best.

Uh Oh!!!

Step 5: Uh Oh, you are sick or an employee is sick, a child is sick, or someone has died – contact me ASAP and I will be the number one support and guide you through executing the plan. Let’s get it done and dominate it.

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