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Personal Insurance

Health and financial protection for you and your family.

Health Insurance

Hand’s down, the biggest regret for people over time is not getting health insurance sooner. The longer we leave it the more exclusions we get, meaning less opportunities for cover. Health insurance means we avoid the public health system which sucks right now. Faster treatment, improved quality of life and a higher likelihood of survival as we can load up on non-pharmac drugs.

Mortgage Protection

Can’t work due to a minor or major illness or event?
Have up to 110% of your monthly mortgage paid, simple as that.

Trauma Insurance

Human’s get sick or have traumatic events throughout our lifetime. Some of us will recover, some of us won’t. Trauma pays a doozie of a cash tax free payment upon diagnosis. This is a massive instant stress relief. The likelihood of getting cancer is 1 in 3, the likelihood of winning lotto is 1 in 383,838. Spend your money on having trauma, not a lotto ticket.

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