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Business Owner Insurance

If you are a key person in your business, that
you built from the ground up, either alone or in
partnership with others – what would happen
to the company if you died later today or got
sick and couldn’t play your part?

What You Should Know About Business Owner Insurance

Would it mean that your hubby or wifey is now in business with your business partner and they are wanting input in what happens with your company and your vision?

Business insurance solves this, if your or your old mate pops off – you pay off Karen or Gary to keep their sticky fingers out of your business with your insurance cover which is valued at their share of the company. If you aren’t a ghost yet but are incapable of working the same thing happens, your input of revenue gets paid back to the company to keep it afloat until you are better or until you become 100% ghost.

Our Independent Broker Service for Business Owner Insurance

Your needs come first, I will assess what it is you want and require and we will work together to achieve that through selecting the appropriate insurance provider and desired amount to shape better futures.

How the claim process works for Business Owner Insurance

I will manage the claim personally for you from start to finish and give you guidance of how we can make the process streamline, successful and stress free.

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