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Employee Insurance

Give your team the most wanted work perk in New Zealand.

As an employer you can open the door for your staff and their families, change lives and save lives.

All pre-existing conditions covered.
No applications.
No stand-down periods.

Need to attract and retain the best people?

Give them insurance and secure their future with you.

Health Insurance

When provided as a work perk, our health insurance covers all pre-existing health conditions for the team and their family. No application forms are required and claiming is easy via a simple app! Our public health system has never been worse and the delays are causing havoc. Better the lives of your team and their families with the best health insurance in New Zealand. 

Many employers are left to fundraise internally to help staff with treatment, specifically for access to non-pharmac drugs during cancer treatment. 

As an employer we can provide up to $300,000 per annum for staff toward non-pharmac drugs. 

Life Insurance

Providing life cover for the family of staff is a admirable thing to do. A affordable option as a work perk which showcases care as an employer. 

Trauma Insurance

A staff member recently fell sick unexpectedly with cancer and received $100,000 cash as a result of the diagnosis. An incredible result for the organisation to be able to provide such a significant gift as part of their employment package. This allowed the employee time away for treatment and to financially support their family while on sick leave. 

Income Protection

Not only does this support the revenue of an organisation, but it is a amazing financial aid for staff who are unable to come to work due to minor or major illnesses. 

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