What We Stand For

Vahry is New Zealand based and is recognised in the community as being progressive, innovative and community minded.

Vahry was established by Julia Vahry to fill a gap in the market – after working in the frontlines of the New Zealand Police, Julia grew her passion for people and the community, and through this work she became aware that there was a lack of empathy, focus and support for many individuals and groups – there was a clear lack of interest in helping these individuals and groups improve their futures.

Vahry is about making a difference to all, driving everyone to be their best selves, putting people at the centre of everything whilst focusing on the big stuff.

Vahry is the only truly values based financial services company in the Waikato and is focused on shaping better futures through the provision of progressive and innovative insurance products and full wrap around services.

Julia is absolutely committed to client partners and works tirelessly to understand their needs, focus on growing their futures, and manage the underling risks and does so in an authentic and transparent way. 

Vahry will be there for you with a focus on you and your people. Vahry will tailor an insurance solution for you and will provide personal support throughout the process.

At Our Very Core

The belief people should not be defined by their upbringing or circumstance. We all possess the ability within ourselves or with support from the community around us, to change our situation so we can ‘shape the best version of ourselves’. For when we are all truly living our best life, being our best person, we naturally lift up all those around us too, so society as a whole benefits. We are a product of the previous generation, and each generation must strive to be better than the last.

Be Your Best Self

This is founded by understanding…..

That ‘people matter’. We treat all people as human beings and understand that there is always a genuine reason why ‘they are the way they are’. We believe that everyone deserves respect and  kindness. Most are good people who want to better themselves.

Kids are great motivators and we need to protect them the best we can and to try and provide them choice. It is up to us as guardians to shape them, so they can be the best version of themselves. They are our future.

That we need to ‘think big’. We don’t sweat the small stuff. There is so much more to life. You should always have high expectations around yourself and others. We strive to bring the best out in others through creating win:win outcomes.

We need to ‘give back’. Not everyone has the same opportunities or know another way. We are all part of this community and have an obligation to pay it forward so we all win. Work together to create better outcomes for everyone.

Strive for ‘better outcomes’. Life is fragile and change in a heartbeat. Being prepared and setting yourselves up well shapes and changes lives. Helping to create win outcomes even in the most dyer circumstances.

‘Create great memories’ as life is about living. Getting out there and doing it, creating memories to last beyond your lifetime. Good memories shape our values and our beliefs. Everyone deserves memories to celebrate.

Meet Julia Vahry

Julia is the founder of Vahry.

Leading an award-winning risk and wealth solutions company, Julia has stepped out of the shadow of “dyed in the wool” insurance companies. She is able to support her clients in all aspects of their lives, by firstly understanding their life or business ambitions, but more importantly bringing years of experience, connections and services to the table to help them stretch and then achieve these goals.

Julia’s clients are better off for knowing her, as she brings a no fuss, matter of fact style to the table where she is able to connect and understand each clients unique situations and offer suggestions and build solutions to enable them to meet any challenges head on.

After serving nearly 10 years in the New Zealand Police, she became an experienced qualified investigative interviewer and police informant handler with exceptional attention to detail and an advocate for her community.

Through the events she experienced during her time in the police, it highlighted the importance of supporting individuals and the community and striving to ensure everyone has the chance to be the best version of themselves.

Julia saw that personal insurance was one way we can manage extreme vulnerability when disaster stuck.

Julia loves to build relationships for life and provides a highly professional and ethical service to all those that wish to work with her.

She is devoted to people, their families and businesses to make sure that they are paid at claim time. 

Julia is a Mother of 3 kids and 2 big dogs, and understands that protecting her family is paramount, this is where she was requested to work within the insurance industry and utilize her award-winning skills. 

Julia is outgoing and community minded she has organised community fund raising events for Breast Cancer and is a regular plasma and whole blood donor. 

Julia has recently partnered with NZ Blood to drive a campaign this September 2020 throughout the Waikato. 

Julia loves skiing, mountain biking (once a fairly good track cyclist in the 90’s), animals, laughing at live news bloopers on YouTube, playing music and sliding in her socks in the kitchen. 

The values of Vahry are Julia’s values.

Our Partners